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PSA stands for Protection Sports Association. PSA is a step closer to "real", where scenarios are presented that more closely mimic real life situations, like a car jacking.  PSA decoys also wear a full bite suit, where schutzhund helpers wear only a bite sleeve during the protection phase of the test. 

We are beginning to get involved in PSA, and are taking steps to get our schutzhund helpers certified as PSA decoys and gaining a greater understanding of the sport. Once we have certified decoys, more information will become available here on our website. Below is some general information about the sport. 

PSA mission statement is "The Mission of the Protection Sports Association (PSA) is to provide an outlet for civilian competition in canine obedience and controlled protection, and to recognize achievement with titles and prizes, and promote competition with club trials and championship tournaments. PSA will endeavor to set a new standard for training excellence in the protection sports, and PSA shall encourage cross-over from other protection sports, to provide a competitive venue that will test the best against the best, and encourage excellence, sportsmanship, and integrity throughout the dog training community."

For more information, check out the following web pages.

Jäger working on a bite suit