About Our Club

The Charleston Working Dog Club is an all breed training club focusing mainly on the sport of  Schutzhund. We have members and dogs of all levels, ages, and span several different breeds. We meet to encourage a strong handler/dog bond through training, education, and competition. Some of our members are pursuing titles and will compete at top levels, while others may only focus on a particular area of the sport, allowing their high energy dog a fun and productive outlet and supporting their fellow members. A fantastic group of people and their dogs is what highlights our club and creates the positive atmosphere that we are fortunate to have.

Our goal is to host helpful seminars on special topics in training, as well as schutzhund (IPO) trials once or twice a year. We will bring in expert handlers, trainers, helpers and judges to further our education, as our philosophy is that the learning process never stops if we are to offer our dogs every opportunity. For those who are not interested in all three phases of the sport, it has recently become possible to obtain titles in a single phase and a new Rescue Dog suitability title can also be obtained at some trials.

Excerpt from United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USA), Schutzhund and the German Shepherd Dog Brochure:

Why is Schutzhund important to the future of working breeds?

A dog that performs well in Schutzhund should demonstrate a solid temperament with a foundation of intelligence and utility. He will show a high level of trainability and happiness for his tasks. These traits are highly sought after in police K9s and Search and Rescue dogs. By participating in schutzhund we are keeping an important genetic pool alive for the dogs which serve and protect us. It also allows owners opportunity to enjoy and internationally recognized sport with their dogs, creating a stronger bond, and a safe, well mannered member of society. Material on this page in part comes from the United Schutzhund Clubs of America and the Working Dog Association